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Feb 16, 2012
Category: Madagascar
Posted by: Andy

HoverAid has learned that initial surveys indicate that Brickaville on the east coast is the worst affected town having taken the brunt of the storm. Currently all the major NGO's reacting to the situation are focussing on the east where wind damage was greatest.

HoverAid will be part of a team going to Ankavandra in the west to assess the impact of the cyclone in the next 24 hours, and we are also planning to send a team to Beroroha where water levels were already high prior to Cyclone Giovanna making landfall.

The appeal we launched on Monday has raised £2500. We will be working in conjunction with Helimission and Vision Valley to determine the best course of action, and focussing our attention on the west of the country where other NGO's and aid organisations are currently not sending teams.

The initial damage from the storm appears to have been localised, however the high plateau watersheds drain generally to the west and the Mangoky and Manambolo river systems are at risk as the heavy rainfall from the cyclone drains to the Mozambique channel.