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Mar 7, 2017
Category: Cyclone Enawo
Posted by: bexplumb

HoverAid Team Alert
Cyclone Enawo Strikes Madagascar

HoverAid is preparing to help deal with the aftermath of the largest tropical cyclone that Madagascar has seen in the past 5 years.

Tropical Cyclone Enawo has made landfall in northeast Madagascar. It is expected to batter the east coast and central plateau with winds of 145 miles per hour and gusts of up to 175 miles per hour with the potential to cause major wind damage, storm surges, significant floods and destruction.  The storm is expected to last until the end of week, and the people of Madagascar are being told to seek shelter in stronger buildings and store their drinking water as quickly as they can.

HoverAid knows that in rural parts of Madagascar this will not be possible, as the traditional houses will be no match for such a major storm, and the drinking wells will be contaminated by the storm surges, mud slides and flooding. 

Hoveraid’s main base is in the capital Antananarivio, we know the storm is heading their way also and we hope and pray for their safety at this time.

We will need YOUR help to be able to make sure that HoverAid will be able to reach the people that need us most over the next few days, weeks and months.

We don’t yet know what the effect on the people of Madagascar or our team will be and what damage to HoverAid head quarters but we have made preparations. We have wired down our roofs and moved all vehicles outside in case the garage collapses. Our Hovercraft in Beroroha is still in it's garage however this is a much stronger building.

We will keep you all informed on what is happening in the next few hours and days via our facebook page and email.
Please follow these links for more information.

With best wishes and prayers

UK HoverAid team