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Mar 8, 2017
Category: Cyclone Enawo
Posted by: bexplumb
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HoverAid Appeal for Madagascar
Cyclone Enawo


Dear HoverAid friends,

We need to help the people of Madagascar now as Cyclone Enawo is wreaking havoc across the country.


Enawo made landfall yesterday as a Category 4 cyclone (gusts of 145mph) however the real issue is not the wind it is the rain. This is one of the wettest storms ever recorded, and has the potential to drop vast amounts of water across the mountainous heart and low eastern plateau of the country. 

16 inches of rain is predicted in the worst affected zone (roughly 50 miles wide) and this water will concentrate into torrential flash floods as it heads to the sea wiping our dirt roads, gouging the land and stripping it of topsoil and crops in this horribly deforested country. Access over the coming days will be a huge issue. And with rain comes a perverse lack of drinking water as wells are contaminated with foul flood water, and that will cause illnesses in a population deprived of shelter.

Our job will be to help access remote communities with both hovercraft and Landcruisers, many of which will be inaccessible otherwise. We have the expertise to respond and a team in place.

We need to raise an initial £10,000 to find out what is happening where - it sounds like a lot but it will enable us to send two teams out for four to five days and get information back. Anything you can spare at this time means we can respond more quickly - our team are preparing in Antananarivo today.

The next phase will be well cleaning as the water goes down and leaves water sources across the country undrinkable and dangerous. We want to raise £15,000 so we can get going on the first tranche of 15 wells we assess as in most need. Thereafter the unit cost will start to drop a bit and we'll know more, but with this situation acting quickly will make a huge difference.

Please help -
  1. If you can give please do -
  2. if you can share this email and point people at our facebook page and website  and respectively
  3. If you are a prayer, then please pray for the people of Madagascar and wisdom for all.
Madagascar needs your help
Please enable us to react as quickly as possible

Thank you for reading this
Cheers, and Godbless

Andy Mayo
CEO HoverAid UK