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Mar 10, 2017
Category: Cyclone Enawo
Posted by: bexplumb

HoverAid UPDATE 2: Cyclone Enawo

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Cyclone Enawo has now left Madagascar as a tropical storm having travelled the length of the country dropping huge amounts of rainfall. A second cyclone (TC11) is forming in the Indian Ocean but at this time poses no threat to Madagascar. Following a relatively quiet cyclone season it is a measure of the energy that has accumulated in the ocean that two cyclones have formed relatively close together in so short a time. There may be more to come.

News is beginning to filter in on social media from affected areas, however the vast majority of the North of Madagascar is currently uncontactable hence the urgent requirement for survey teams to physically reach areas and speak to communities.

HoverAid Madagascar Country Director Peter van Buuren and the Tana team have been gathering as much information as they can to make sure our response is as efficiently targeted as possible. Today (Friday 10th March) we have allowed office staff to go and visit their families locally and make sure they are ok; the workshop team however are flat out getting vehicles prepared.

As of 10.30 AM today (Friday) we have received £4,811 in donations to our emergency appeal - thank you everyone who has contributed, we are now able to respond with an initial survey of need and will be heading to Mampikony initially with Befandriana as our ultimate target destination; both towns are located on flood plains and received the worst of the cyclone rainfall, with accumulated 5 day rainfall predicted to be between 750-1000mm.

The timeline at the moment is that the team will head north late on Sunday/Monday morning - we have two more days of preparation to do which may now include swapping a front differential on one of the Land Cruisers - this will not be an easy journey. Our plan at this time remains to undertake survey work to identify needs, our working assumption is this will focus on well cleaning, and sanitation education as these will have a major impact in areas where drinking water has been contaminated..

We are flying spares out to support the hovercraft as once the survey period is completed we will then be into an activity phase which is likely to involve one or more of our vehicles. Many thanks to the London Fan Company for generously supporting us with spares, and to Project Power Performance Upgrades in Liverpool for expediting a set of injectors so we can up-rate one of the engines.

We have made contact with our forward bases in Beroroha in the south and Ankavandra in the west and whilst winds were strong and there has been significant rain there is no flooding - we will therefore be sending our Medical Safari Team to Beroroha in early April as previously planned.

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Thank you.
Thank you for your support and prayers for Madagascar.
The next few days will be difficult for those who were under the path of Cyclone Enawo - we will get to them as fast as we can.
Once again please hold the people of Madagascar in your hearts today.

Andy Mayo
CEO HoverAid UK
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