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Jan 9, 2018
Category: Appeals
Posted by: bexplumb

Locals in Maindrivazo move livestock to safe ground

Cyclone Ava made landfall on Friday morning, lashing mostly the eastern parts of Madagascar with violent winds and heavy rains.

 With winds still gusting at 90mph at 10 am on Monday morning, flash flooding in many areas is causing extensive damage.  The National Bureau of Disaster Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC), said that, “Provisional assessments report 29 deaths, 22 missing persons, 17,170 internally displaced persons and 83,023 disaster victims.” 400 miles west of the East coast, in Maindrivazo, the mayor told us that over 300 houses have collapsed and 5279 people are now homeless.

HoverAid are preparing to survey Maindrivazo and surrounding areas, to see what is needed most. Andy Mayo, CEO of HoverAid said, “We have contacts there who are keeping us informed, but so far no one has been able to get through because of landslides on the roads.” The Cambridge based charity use hovercraft as well as Landcruisers, so they are able to reach the most remote regions, even those cut off by flooding and landslides. 

Mayo said, “When disasters like this happen we desperately need donations from the public to fund our work, in order for us to help those who need it most. Our first priority will be to provide safe drinking water.”

 You can make a donation on their website


About:HoverAid hovercraft, bring aid and development to remote communities in Madagascar where hunger, malaria, HIV and lack of clean water affect the health of millions. HoverAid’s hovercraft reach unreachable villages when Africa floods, providing relief organisations with access to those most in need.