Winter 16 Newsletter

We are a community separated by continents, cultures and languages but by sharing in each other’s experiences and gifts we can begin to interact as neighbours. We believe this interaction will transform us.


Madagascar is a wild and untamed country, bursting with life lived at the limit, and frequently beset by tragedy and struggle. We’d like to share some of the realities of our mission in Madagascar where we are using hovercraft to establish connection with isolated individuals and communities that, in turn, fosters healthy growth. It isn’t easy and there are no quick fixes.

We’ve been working in Madagascar for ten years and yet we really have only just begun our journey there. As we recognise God’s image in each other and in community we continue to seek to follow Jesus and afford everyone the freedom, dignity and opportunity to grow from poverty to plenty. Please help and, if you can, pray for Madagascar – both wonderfully and terribly wild.