Summer 2017 Newsletter

Let me encourage you: Come and build bridges. Jesus commanded that we “love our neighbours as ourselves”, which sounds simple; it’s a nice philosophy or the bedrock of attitudes depending on your take. So what does it mean? Practically in personal relationships
we talk about five love languages – Gift Giving, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch (if you don’t know about these then it’s worth investigating).

In the response to Cyclone Enawo HoverAid supporters gave the gifts of food, tools, and seeds; we spent time seeking people out who needed support and went back time and again; we stood with them as they faced challenges and supported their decisions; we held their hands when they cried; and we went the extra mile to physically build an actual bridge connecting two villages and a school. We
(you, me, all of us) are all part of this process: gifts, time, prayers, actions and connections.

Reading this newsletter is part of building bridges and loving our neighboursso thank you for engaging.

Andy Mayo
Chief Exec: HoverAid Trust