Winter Newsletter 2018

HoverAid news brings together the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We hope you feel inspired to reach the unreachable where you are – at home, at work or at school. And thank you for enabling us to reach the unreachable in Madagascar.

Walk for HoverAid

Annie walked 100km in two days to raise an enormous £600 for us! She said that she walked in the same shoes and clothing on both days, “ to remind myself that the Malagasy people have so little” In the letter she sent us, she said that she thought we did amazing work, but we…

Fundraising Concert

Could you do this? When Sarah’s friend Di approached her, wanting to do a music concert in Buntingford and to share the profits between charities, Sarah immediately suggested that one of them be HoverAid. “I can’t take much of the credit” said Sarah, “Really, Di organised it all and I just jumped at the chance…

Summer Newsletter 2018

Hello and welcome to the summer edition of HoverAid news!
“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous works among all the peoples!”
Psalms 96:3
These are not just words for missionaries, but for all of us everyday. And His work over the last few months have been marvellous and amazing. It was incredible to witness the generous and faith filled response of our team to the huge numbers of people in Marolambo in May this year. This was the first time we had visited them and we went again two days after we returned, you can read the story on page 2.

Creationfest 2018 Logo

Creationfest 2018

What an amazing week! 11 days in Cornwall at Creation Fest- a brilliant, FREE Christian Music Festival, now with a hovercraft! We took our giant, wire buzzer, hovercraft head game and much fun was had by all! Why not come in 2019 when we hope to have the hovercraft there too?!

Charity Abseil October 2018

Abseiling down the ArcelorMittal Orbit (October 2018) A combination of inclement weather and coincidence, meant that the first weekend in October was extremely busy for us, as we first attempted to abseil off the Arcellor Mittal Orbit, on the Saturday and then flew the River Rover 308 at Milton Country Park on the Sunday! A…

Cyclone Ava

One of Miandrivazo’s residents told us how she had called out to her husband but he was hit on the head as the water gushed in. His son grabbed his hand, shouting “My father is going to die.” and dragged him away until they were safe from the waves. The woman carried her mother in law…


13 year old Claudia is living temporarily in a tent with her mum, dad, 2 siblings & 2 chickens. And 28 other people. When Cyclone Ava struck in January, Claudia and her family lost their homes & everything but the clothes they were wearing. After the floods, they went back to where their village had been…

Cleft Pallete

We met Tiana on our medical safari to Ankavandra in May. She had been living with her cleft since birth and was incredibly grateful to the doctors for helping her, who in turn, were incredibly grateful to you for making this kind of surgery possible. In early pregnancy different parts of a baby’s face develop…