Cyclone Enawo Strikes Madagascar

HoverAid Team Alert Cyclone Enawo Strikes Madagascar HoverAid is preparing to help deal with the aftermath of the largest tropical cyclone that Madagascar has seen in the past 5 years. Tropical Cyclone Enawo has made landfall in northeast Madagascar. It is expected to batter the east coast and central plateau with winds of 145 miles per hour and gusts of…

HoverAid Quiz Night 1st April 2017

HoverAid would like to invite you to a HoverAid fundraising quiz night at St Philips Church Mill road Cambridge CB1 3AN on 1st April 2017.  Bring your friends, family and battle your mind against the finest HoverAid supporters minds (yours and mine included!) and see who will be crowned the winning team!  There will be…

Winter 16 Newsletter

We are a community separated by continents, cultures and languages but by sharing in each other’s experiences and gifts we can begin to interact as neighbours. We believe this interaction will transform us.


Madagascar is a wild and untamed country, bursting with life lived at the limit, and frequently beset by tragedy and struggle. We’d like to share some of the realities of our mission in Madagascar where we are using hovercraft to establish connection with isolated individuals and communities that, in turn, fosters healthy growth. It isn’t easy and there are no quick fixes.

We’ve been working in Madagascar for ten years and yet we really have only just begun our journey there. As we recognise God’s image in each other and in community we continue to seek to follow Jesus and afford everyone the freedom, dignity and opportunity to grow from poverty to plenty. Please help and, if you can, pray for Madagascar – both wonderfully and terribly wild.

HoverAid at Christmas and Isle of Wight Bike Ride 2017

Dear HoverAid Supporters It is officially Autumn – however it is feeling more and more wintry as we head towards December.  It is the time of year when our thoughts often drift towards Christmas. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Its nearly the time of year of giving and sharing and this year you could give twice over! HoverAid…

Beroroha MMS Report November 2016

It has been 4 months since our medical team last visited Beroroha. Clouds have overtaken the blue skies of July. The wet season is beginning. And with the river swelling, for many, this is the last chance to see a doctor this side of the rains. Over the 5 days of the November 2016 MMS to Beroroha we were able to give… Consultations to 209 people, Major surgery to 8 people, Minor surgery to 5 people, Dental care to 23 people, Echographies to 44 people

Hover-Ride: June 24th & 25th 2017!

HoverAid Hover-Ride: June 24th & 25th 2017! SIGN UP HERE Sign up from £50pp. This includes Cycle hire, hovercraft travel and camping as well as all food, support and logistics for the weekend. The 72 mile round the Isle challenge carefully paced over 2 days is a fun, fit way to fundraise for HoverAid! All information…

Ankavandra MMS Report September 2016

Ankavandra is severed from the outside world for 4 months each year during the rainy season. In the dry season, access is scarcely better with the track a sea of clay dust and the river so low as to make it almost unnegotiable by canoe. Year round the region is blighted by bandits who target the herds of zebu being driven to the cattle market in Tsiroanomandidy.

Over the 5 days of the September 2016 MMS to Ankavandra we were able to give… Consultations to 235 people, Major surgery to 5 people, Minor surgery to 7 people, Dental care to 56 people, Echographies to 29 people.

Summer 16 Newsletter

Shot by Bandits : Saved by Your Support

Cattle rustling is rife in the wild regions of Madagascar.

Far from the cities and hospitals, our surgeons are often called upon to provide life saving operations in the aftermath of the conflicts between bandits and herdsmen like Daniel.

Read Daniel’s story and catch up with news and events from Madagascar and the UK in our HoverAid News – Spring ‘16.