Madagascar Volunteer Trip

In 2014 HoverAid will once again have a volunteer trip to Madagascar. The trip will enable volunteers to take part in building a school, helping on the medical safaris, water and sanitation projects, community education and youth ministry. To get more information read our Madagascar Mission Trip Information booklet and get in touch with Becca –

First survey reports.

The east coast town of Brickaville appears to have taken the worst of Cyclone Giovanna with many buildings damaged, however the main road to the port of Tamatave (Taomasina) appears passable.

Cyclone strikes East Coast

Cyclone Giovanna has made landfall as a very intense cyclone in the region of Brickaville on the east coast. Reuters are reporting that Taomasina (Tamatave) the country’s main port is deserted and power has failed. Electricity has also been cut to the capital Antananarivo. Latest Alertnet article here Latest BBC News here

Most dangerous storm of 2012 poised to strike

Giovanna is predicted to hit a heavily populated portion of the east coast of the island near 22 GMT tonight as a Category 3 storm, then move inland, passing near the capital of Antananarivo as a Category 1 storm on Tuesday morning. The outer spiral bands of the storm have already moved over the island,…


Cyclone Giovanna has intensified in the last 24 hours and briefly became a Category 4 storm last night. It now look inevitable that it will strike Madagascar within the next 36-48 hours bringing huge amounts of rainfall to the eastern low plateau, before crossing over to the western side of the country. HoverAid’s team in…

Cyclone Funso reprieve for Moz and Mada

Cyclone Funso remains a category 4 storm but is heading in precisely the right direction to miss Mozambique and Madagascar – much to the relief of both these poverty stricken countries. Rainfall is now predicted to be heavy but remain offshore for the coming few days which is of equal importance. Unusually two cyclones have…

Cyclone Funso intensifies

It is heading South very slowly and predicted to intensify with winds reaching 145mph. It is not clear if it will move east or west towards Madagascar or Mozambique, but in the mean time it is a source of heavy rainfall for both countries.