Madagascar has been hit in the last week by torrential rainfalls in the north west of the island. Although this has not been classified as a cyclone, the resulting flooding has caused extensive destruction, displacement of communities, with deaths and missing people.

Roads have been swept away and access cut off. The affected region is the main rice-producing area, and there will be longer term impacts with risks of food insecurity and malnutrition, and disruption in the supply of basic goods. Rivers in the north and north west have seen the highest levels ever measured.


The consequence is that over 116,000 people are affected, many in communities we’ve worked in over the last 13 years. In Mitsinjo where we had River Rover 403 based for a couple of years 14 people are confirmed dead, more are missing and over 2000 are affected. That’s the news that’s filtering out so far but we have good reason to believe the reality is rather more grim. In Maevetenana where we’ve been working with Impact for two years 9 people have died. Our survey team of Peter van Buuren and Tantely are pushing north but the roads have been destroyed, and they are finding many villages that have been flattened as rains have washed mud huts away.


The Malagasy army is being deployed, something the country hasn’t done before, and the few significant NGOs who are active in Madagascar are doing what they can in their areas of specialisation – so are we. Our speciality is information gathering and getting aid into areas others cannot. We have already responded and verified that there is a real need – we need to continue identifying precisely where the worst impacted areas are, and help those we come across initially with food and cooking materials.


In the coming days we want to be helping communities with shelter, and ultimately well cleaning. These are all things we’ve done in previous emergencies and we know we can do well.


So – what can you do in order for us to help?

Please, uplift the men, women, girls and boys living in the flooded areas in your prayers and thoughts.

Our initial estimate is that we need to raise £25,000 in the next 10 days to be able to respond effectively.


You can get involved by supporting our appeal. Please give what you can today.

Please share this appeal with your networks and look out for our updates.