Give parts of our latest hovercraft and Reach the Unreachable

Put a name on the Hovercraft

Your name, or a loved one's, on the side of the hovercraft. Or gift a whole hovercraft to HoverAid and name it exclusively.
£150 - £150,000


Fans lift us up and push us forward. You can do the same with a gift of a single blade or a whole set.
£12 - £400


Hovercraft go over land and water on a cushion of air held in a skirt. This gift will reach places others simply can't.
£20 - £2000

Deck Panel

Deck panels work together to carry loads, and also to raise the hovercraft up. Panels can be replaced but we need them all.


The engine is heart of the hovercraft, it has to be reliable, strong, stay cool, and able to use the fuel we can get.

Fuel Tank

Help fuel our work as we go further. Tanks, pumps and filters balance and clean as we go so the hovercraft runs smoothly.

Instrument Gauge

The instruments are the brains of the hovercraft, watching over everything and seeing problems before they happen.

Cabin & Seats

A safe, secure, and comfortable environment makes all the difference to our teams in the field.
£100 - £300


Power is nothing without control surfaces to direct the hovercraft quickly and efficiently in the right direction.