We are a small charity with no statutory funding.

You make it possible to keep reaching the unreachable.

Our gift menu

What will your gift provide?

£20  is the average monthly cost of medicine for each patient seen by our mobile medical programme – which we call the Madagascan Medical Safari (MMS)

£1800 will pay for all the medication needed at a clinic in a remote community in Madagascar. Our Mad Medical Safari teams care for villages and communities who have no access to medical services at all.

£3500 is the cost of a very reliable Canzee pump and all the tools and labour costs needed to dig a well to give an entire village  access to safe drinking water. A pump which provides water all year round really makes a big impact that lasts.

Thank you for giving your money to help save,  sustain and enrich the lives of those living with no access to health care.

Your gift makes a huge difference- thank you!