Lead Medical Volunteer

Biteny is our “lead” medical volunteer, and expert surgeon. He helps Maholy organise the team for each MMS. He is also a colonel in the Madagascan Army

MMS Medical Volunteer

Stanislas is the youngest of our 63 medical volunteers in Masagascar. He is an anaesthetist. He also has an additional important job as the playlist organiser for the music playing in the operating theatre during surgeries!

Country Director Madagascar

I am Rwandan but have lived in many places, including most recently Kenya. I know Madagascar well. In joining HoverAid, I am looking to deploy my gifts and experience in a manner that serves God and achieves lasting impact amongst those in real need. My message to our team is: “Together we are going to make this work and bring Glory to God’s work”.

Madagascar Team Security

Bolo is married with 2 Children and works as the base guard at Antananarivo


Finance Manager at HoverAid Madagascar

Ony’s full name is Rakotondrasoa Onimalala. She is the finance manager in Madagascar, and joined HoverAid in 2019. She is married with two boys, Loick and Loan aged 14 and 10. When not busy in the office Ony loves to swim and dance! A big fan of travelling, she accompanied Maholi on one of our MMS’s to see how things happen in the field. She will make sure that we keep on budget and will be stretching our resources as far as possible.









Maholy Fotsiny Dia Ampy

Programme Manager

MAHOLINIRIANAHARIJAONA Sidonie Tatiana, otherwise known as “Maholy” has been part of our team since 2014, and has been accounting secretary, finance manager, MMS organiser and now programmes manager.
She schedules and budgets the MMS work, purchases the medicines and medical equipment and coordinates between the government ministries, MAF, our volunteer medical team, mayors, medical inspectors, chief medical officer, pharmaceutical wholesalers. Basically everyone.
She love the MMS work as it allows her to help people, see their smile after being consulted by our doctors, and bring hope to many.
In her spare time she makes pastry, and is training as a caterer