Andy is one of our star volunteers at events. He is a proper engineer in the audio-visual industry. If we need equipment finding, repairing, moving, or adapting, he is your man. Indispensible for hovercraft piloting and preparation, AirShelta assembly, event support, and calm encouragement to hassled team-mates. He escapes on his precious Triumph Tiger motorbike.

Fundraising Volunteer

Jemima has a Masters in “humanitarian engineering” and worked with SEED Madagascar in 2022 supporting WASH and Education infrastructure projects. She is helping us preparing grant applications and is a whizz at social media and…swimming, working with children with disabilities

Hovercraft Project Manager

This is a great organisation that I have the privilege of supporting a couple of days per week. They provide practical care to very remote communities, enabled by innovative technology and driven by local enterprise. Message me if you want to get involved with designing, building or funding some new hovercraft!


Jon retired from paid work in 2015 after a 40 year career in High technology. He worked in the area of wireless communication and was a key player in the development of Wi-Fi.
Seeking to serve God’s Kingdom, Jon took up the role of overall manager of Cambridge City Foodbank for a 5 year term and is still a significant contributor including managing finances. He also manages finance for several other charities in addition to the recent appointment with HoverAid. He has be much involved with Prison Ministry and also serves as Chair of Trustees for Cambridge & District Youth for Christ. Jon is excited to be part of the HoverAid ministry.

Anna Nye


Anna loves the focus on ‘reaching the unreachable’: providing partnership and support for people in difficult-to-reach communities who might otherwise be left without it. She came to Cambridge as an undergraduate, and now works for Cambridge University, fund-raising to support students to enable them to study here.
She studied Russian and French at university, including a year abroad working with a charity in Siberia. This confirmed her desire to work in the not-for-profit sector.

Victoria Pailegutu

Social Media

Vic is looking after the social media for Hoveraid and working to try and really make it work for raising awareness and donations for us.
She is married to Simon, who is Samoan, and they have a son Theo. They like to go dinosaur hunting on weekends.
Vic drives our Facebook campaigns to reach a growing number of people

John Greaves

CEO HoverAid Trust

John is motivated by a drive to make a difference to those who need it most. He brings leadership experience in business and charities large and small. He is one of those rarities who like strategy and operational work, and has established his name making change really happen. He joined us in 2019 to lead our growth plans. He has worked in 22 countries, plays hockey, and is a triplet.

Roger Mayo

Volunteer and ex-Trustee

Roger is a retired Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering at Loughborough University. He has just stepped down from being a Trustee after 14 years but continues to volunteer when he can.

Peter Gunner

Technical Developement

Peter has been a long term volunteer with HoverAid for over twenty five years and was pivotal in setting up the Zambezi Hover-Lifeline a HoverAid project which ran from 1996 to 2000 working on the Zambezi river from Zambia to Mozambique.

Mario Satchwell

IT Manager

Mario joined the team in mid 2015 and is now working as our IT Manager as well as assisting with Events and our regular working parties.