The Thust Ducts are absolutely vital to the way a River Rover Hovercraft works. They are fully removeable so we can transport the hovercraft to some of the most remote locations on our specially designed trailer, and then simply by fixing the Thrust Ducts onto either side of the hovercraft with four simple bolts, and connecting up the drive belts and controls – we are good to go. These ducts have to take a battering, protecting the thrust fans from vegetation (even branches) if we are pushing up really twisty rivers, and they also need to protect people from the fans where the blades are moving at over 200mph. They include rudders and elevons, specially designed control surfaces that allow the River Rover Hovercraft to bank and weave, twist and turn, drift and drive in a unique – and very helpful – way! The Thust Ducts really are the key to the River Rover Hovercraft reaching the unreachable.