MMS Ambatolahy

Our MMS in Ambatolahy, 2 days drive from Tana near the west coast of Madagascar, was a great success.

Our team carried out a record number of interventions, partly due to the unique benefit of having two rooms to do surgical operations simultaneously.

MMS Marolambo

Our departure for Marolambo was delayed by 3 hours because of bad weather, there were a lot of clouds and we had a hard time landing too, but thank God we arrived safely. When we arrived, it was raining heavily and it was very cold, but that didn’t stop our team from installing equipment and…

Ambatolahy to the Pangalene canal

Friday morning at Ambatolahy. Maholy dispensing medicines to people who have been waiting patiently for many hours, only partly sheltered from the nights ferocious storms… The team dry Matresses and Bedding after a tropical storm raged through the night. Bruno the boat captain for today’s journey up the Pangalene canal. Lots of pushing and pulling the…