Cyclone Ava Update 4

First distribution of aid completed! Thanks to your generous donations

Thank you so much for caring whether you are praying or giving financially- we really value your support!

More than a hundred families in Miandrivazo have received a set of household supplies-a bucket for
carrying water, washing up bowl, plate, cooking utensils, oil, soap, salt, candle and basic food.

Cyclone Ava Update 3

Many people in Madagascar are now forced to use boats to navigate the streets as waters keep rising in Masikampy, Maindrivazo. Maindrivazo, which sits on the Mahajilo river is about 220 miles West of the coast where cyclone Ava hit on Friday. Its devastating impact is just becoming clear.

Cyclone Ava Update 2

Unfortunately, Madagascar was again hit by a cyclone on Friday. The east suffered from a lot of rain and very strong winds. At the time of writing, the official figures are more than 100,000 homeless, 29 dead and 22 missing. Four of the five main roads on the island have been closed since Friday due to various landslides, washed-out bridges and flooded roads.