UK Board

I work as a doctor, and am training to become a psychiatrist. I spent my medical elective in Madagascar as a student, and realised what a great country it was – but also how poor the infrastructure was, and how that directly impacted people’s lives. The ability of HoverAid to reach and help people regardless of the infrastructure really attracted me. Ensuring that everyone can access medical care, wherever they live, is also something I think is essential!

Andy Mayo

Chief Development and Technical Officer

Andy has been involved in HoverAid since 1994 and has worked with hovercraft in countries from Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea, to Zambia, Mozambique and Madagascar. After 10 years as a Consulting Engineer and partner with Max Fordham LLPand with Masters degrees in both Engineering Science, and Development Management he joined us in 2006 to head up our UK team. Andy is based at our office in Cambridge and is responsible for HoverAid UK’s operations and growth both at home and overseas. Andy’s key focus is on technical development in the UK and in Madagascar.


Andy is one of our star volunteers at events. He is a proper engineer in the audio-visual industry. If we need equipment finding, repairing, moving, or adapting, he is your man. Indispensible for hovercraft piloting and preparation, AirShelta assembly, event support, and calm encouragement to hassled team-mates. He escapes on his precious Triumph Tiger motorbike.

Anna Nye


Anna loves the focus on ‘reaching the unreachable’: providing partnership and support for people in difficult-to-reach communities who might otherwise be left without it. She came to Cambridge as an undergraduate, and now works for Cambridge University, fund-raising to support students to enable them to study here.
She studied Russian and French at university, including a year abroad working with a charity in Siberia. This confirmed her desire to work in the not-for-profit sector.

Lead Medical Volunteer

Biteny is our “lead” medical volunteer, and expert surgeon. He helps Maholy organise the team for each MMS. He is also a colonel in the Madagascan Army

Presidente – Hoveraid France

Catherine is a webmaster and website designer, and accountant by training. She took on the role to establish HoverAid France in 2019. She lives in Vetheuil north of Paris, where Claude Monet once lived.

Hovercraft Project Manager

This is a great organisation that I have the privilege of supporting a couple of days per week. They provide practical care to very remote communities, enabled by innovative technology and driven by local enterprise. Message me if you want to get involved with designing, building or funding some new hovercraft!

Country Director Madagascar

I am Rwandan but have lived in many places, including most recently Kenya. I know Madagascar well. In joining HoverAid, I am looking to deploy my gifts and experience in a manner that serves God and achieves lasting impact amongst those in real need. My message to our team is: “Together we are going to make this work and bring Glory to God’s work”.

Project Manager

Madagascar Team Security

Bolo is married with 2 Children and works as the base guard at Antananarivo