Andy Mayo

Chief Development and Technical Officer

Andy has been involved in HoverAid since 1994 and has worked with hovercraft in countries from Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea, to Zambia, Mozambique and Madagascar. After 10 years as a Consulting Engineer and partner with Max Fordham LLPand with Masters degrees in both Engineering Science, and Development Management he joined us in 2006 to head up our UK team. Andy is based at our office in Cambridge and is responsible for HoverAid UK’s operations and growth both at home and overseas. Andy’s key focus is on technical development in the UK and in Madagascar.

Anna Nye


Anna loves the focus on ‘reaching the unreachable’: providing partnership and support for people in difficult-to-reach communities who might otherwise be left without it. She came to Cambridge as an undergraduate, and now works for Cambridge University, fund-raising to support students to enable them to study here.
She studied Russian and French at university, including a year abroad working with a charity in Siberia. This confirmed her desire to work in the not-for-profit sector.

David Wiltshire

Trustee & Director

David is our longest serving trustee as well as being company secretary and financial overseer and HoverAid International Board Representative.




Specialist Welder



Gwyn Davies-Scourfield


Having been fortunate to be a member of the 1990 British Hovercraft Expedition to China, Gwyn has been a supporter since HoverAid’s early days. He has travelled very widely around the world for his work managing the leases of commercial airliners and has become very conscious of the gap in wealth between the world’s rich and poor. Living near HoverAid UK’s office in Cambridge, Gwyn is now looking forward to raising the awareness of HoverAid’s work with a wider community.



Jerry Drew


John Greaves

Chief Executive Officer

John is motivated by a drive to make a difference to those who need it most. He brings leadership experience in business and charities large and small. He is one of those rarities who like strategy and operational work, and has established his name making change really happen. He joined us in 2019 to lead our growth plans. He has worked in 22 countries, plays hockey, and is a triplet.



José Andrianariliva

Hovercraft Pilot, Driver, and Assistant Logistician.

José originally joined the team as a driver but soon became the first of our malagasy staff trained to operate the hovercraft. As well as operational duties in the field he assists in the workshop and keeps stocks, maintains and repairs the camp gear.



Maholy Fotsiny Dia Ampy

Programme Manager

MAHOLINIRIANAHARIJAONA Sidonie Tatiana, otherwise known as “Maholy” has been part of our team since 2014, and has been accounting secretary, finance manager, MMS organiser and now programmes manager.
She schedules and budgets the MMS work, purchases the medicines and medical equipment and coordinates between the government ministries, MAF, our volunteer medical team, mayors, medical inspectors, chief medical officer, pharmaceutical wholesalers. Basically everyone.
She love the MMS work as it allows her to help people, see their smile after being consulted by our doctors, and bring hope to many.
In her spare time she makes pastry, and is training as a caterer

Maisy Smyth

Fundraising support

Maisy is a fundraising assistant at Cambridge University seeking philanthropic donors, and is keen to bring these skills to HoverAid to enable our projects to grow. She is also a qualified yoga teacher.
She sponsors a girl in Togo via Plan International and volunteers for Oxfam. Maisy’s skills in researching trusts and foundations and writing grant applications are bringing additional capacity to our team.



Mario Satchwell

IT Manager

Mario joined the team in mid 2015 and is now working as our IT Manager as well as assisting with Events and our regular working parties.





Neil Greenham


Trained in Chemistry Neil is now a development Chemist employed in the development of new catalytic converters to clean up emissions from Diesel vehicles and mean cleaner air for millions of people globally. His work combines science and engineering and means he has an interest in Hoveraid’s technical objectives as well as its humanitarian ones. Aside from his professional experience Neil brings experience as a trustee for a national orchestra and choir and a passion for getting the most out of people. Outside work he is a keen runner and cyclist as well as playing the French horn in various musical theatre and orchestral settings.

Nicola Chapman

Accounts Officer

Nicola joined HoverAid as volunteer finance officer, running the Xero system and keeping the accounts in order. She lives in Welwyn, and works locally, having trained as an accountant at Canada Life since 2014. She has taught English in Rumania, sold shoes, books, and coffee, and mobile phones. Nicola really wants to use her finance skills in a great cause




Finance Manager at HoverAid Madagascar

Ony’s full name is Rakotondrasoa Onimalala. She is the finance manager in Madagascar, and joined HoverAid in 2019. She is married with two boys, Loick and Loan aged 14 and 10. When not busy in the office Ony loves to swim and dance! A big fan of travelling, she accompanied Maholi on one of our MMS’s to see how things happen in the field. She will make sure that we keep on budget and will be stretching our resources as far as possible.

Patrick Rakotondraibe

Chief Mechanic

Patrick majors in mechanics, electricity and electronic. He is in charge of the reparation and maintenance of the hovercraft and other vehicles.

Peter Gunner

Technical Developement

Peter has been a long term volunteer with HoverAid for over twenty five years and was pivotal in setting up the Zambezi Hover-Lifeline a HoverAid project which ran from 1996 to 2000 working on the Zambezi river from Zambia to Mozambique.

Peter van Buuren

Country Director, HoverAid Madagascar

Peter has worked in the aid and relief sector across Africa and Asia for many year. Peter has overall responsibility for all aspects of HoverAid Madagascar’s operational work as well as developing new projects.

Pierre Deludet


Originally from France, Pierre studied theoretical physics before working in finance in London. He has worked a lot with companies based in developing countries and is passionate about bringing infrastructure and resources to the less fortunate. Pierre joined HoverAid’s Board in September 2019 and advises on strategic, governance, and financial issues. Pierre is a member of Hillsong Church London.

Richard Bell

Trustee Director

Richard has been a supporter of Hoveraid over the last 10 years and joined the board in 2016. He works in IT and lives in London with his wife Madini and their 3 teenage children. He is a keen guitarist and a reluctant runner and cyclist.

Robin Andrianariliva


Robin joined HoverAid in 2008 directly from the technical school to work in the garage as an assistant mechanic, and where he works with the trainee mechanics as they progress to becoming fully qualified too. He is responsible for servicing the vehicles on a regular basis.

Roger Mayo

Volunteer and ex-Trustee

Roger is a retired Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering at Loughborough University. He has just stepped down from being a Trustee after 14 years but continues to volunteer when he can.


Driver and Mechanic

Tantely dreamt of travelling when he very young, so chose to be a driver. In 25 years there are few places in Madagascar where he has not been. As he traveled he noticed the beauty of the country, but also saw the problems of poverty. Then he met Peter van Buuren, who asked him and his legendary LandRover “The Black Pearl” to join the team.
Since then Tantely has built walls and bridges, dug wells, distributed anti-COVID supplies, and waded along crocodile-infested rivers. He hopes for big change in Madagascar, and this is what gives him the courage to continue



Finance and accounts Volunteer

Victoria enjoys crunching numbers and really wanted to put those skills to a worthy cause. She is a Chartered Accountant by profession, and has worked with large multinational banks, including J.P. Morgan & Credit Suisse.

She is a married mother of 2 boys. Outside of work Victoria is a keen baker and loves dancing. She is also a Youth Leader, involved in charitable campaigns aimed at empowering and inspiring young people

Victoria Pailegutu

Social Media

Vic is looking after the social media for Hoveraid and working to try and really make it work for raising awareness and donations for us.
She is married to Simon, who is Samoan, and they have a son Theo. They like to go dinosaur hunting on weekends.
Vic drives our Facebook campaigns to reach a growing number of people