Andy Mayo

Chief Development and Technical Officer

Andy has been involved in HoverAid since 1994 and has worked with hovercraft in countries from Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea, to Zambia, Mozambique and Madagascar

Catherine Healey

Fundraising Consultant

Catherine wants to live in a world where every dull space is painted with colourful murals and books come bundled with slabs of mature cheese. She joined the team in 2017, moving from S. Africa to work with HoverAid at the start of 2018. She knows that we cannot do everything, but believes that we must not do nothing. A shameless idealist, who loves kindness and is passionate about fighting injustice, she knows that the world is changed by actions, not opinions. Catherine has worked in community development all her life, especially with the poor and destitute.

David Wiltshire

Trustee & Director

David is our longest serving trustee as well as being company secretary and financial overseer and HoverAid International Board Representative.




Specialist Welder





Jerry Drew


Chief Executive Officer

John is motivated by a drive to make a difference to those who need it most. He brings leadership experience in business and charities large and small. He is one of those rarities who like strategy and operational work, and has established his name making change really happen. He joined us in 2019 to lead our growth plans. He has worked in 22 countries, plays hockey, and is a triplet.